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August 18th, 2009 . by maria

WELCOME! My name is Maria Helm. I’m a person with MANY interests and talents.

Most importantly, God.
Next most importantly, my supportive husband and two grown sons.

By day, I’m an application developer/system administrator for a small defense logistics contract at Leidos. (Resume here, if that kind of thing interests you.)

On Sundays, I’m a worship leader – with my father! – at Ponce Church.

I’m a singer-songwriter. I play the Ukulele, and occasionally a few other things. Take a listen: Me on YouTube

I follow Christ’s order to visit the sick! I do pet therapy visits twice a week.

I’m a Coca-Cola collector. Seriously, have you seen my car?(I did that myself – with help from my hubby.)

I’m a maker. Crafts, DIYs, painting, sewing. Busy hands!

I also love to read, write, craft, go to car shows, and find delightful things at thrift and antique shops.

If you want to know more, just leave a comment below or via email to contact at And if you want to know when there is something new here, subscribe via RSS

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