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October 30th, 2009 . by maria

“At the moment”, we have two cats and two dogs. (I have to add that caveat, because we have had the occasional informal foster pet.)

This is Tattoo, our tuxedo cat. (Every cat family MUST have a tuxedo cat…something about the genetics makes them such characters!)


And this is Princess Deja:

Princess Deja cat

April is an Australian Cattle Dog (Red Heeler), possibly with a little (red) border collie mixed in. (Her shelter papers say ACD/collie.)

April Mae  is a rescue, but we can’t imagine why anyone would give her up- at only 6 months old. She learned her basic obedience tricks in her first few days with us, and can do them with either voice OR hand signals. She loves to please, and to swim, and to play fetch or frisbee for hours. She competes with a local agility venue, and loves it. She has no regard for her own safety, though, and a few years ago she tore her ACL so badly it needed surgery. It is strange to think about spending a couple thousand dollars on a vet bill, but stranger to even contemplate giving up on such an talented, hardworking, young dog. So, while she recovered from surgery we trained as a therapy dog. (Thank you, for all you do!) She’s a little hyper to be ideal for therapy work, so I was thrilled when she healed so well that the vet cleared her to return to agility! Since then she has also competed in SSA Rally Obedience, Watersports, and CPE Agility. We couldn’t get enough of working with the folks at Rocky Creek Dog Agility in Ephrata, and competing with! April earned her agility SSA Championship, and when we moved back to Florida she retired from agility and began using her therapy pet training. People love to see her do tricks, and even the staff jokes about ‘hearing her coming’ on her hyper days.

Emily is our newest dog. She showed up at a friend’s farm on Father’s Day, and she was skin and bones, goopy eyed, and covered with ticks.

EmilyBefore(Before photo – the day she was found.)

Alex fell in love with her, though, and now she is part of our family. She has the sweetest disposition – she just loves to be loved on. She’s learning basic obedience slowly, and her response to almost any command is “I can sit…oh, did you want to shake?” But we surely did not need another high energy dog anyway. Nearest we can figure, Emily Beth is a Mountain Cur or mix. (Based on ear fold type and body measurements.)

EmilyAfter(After/weight gain in progress photo.)

UPDATE: Since having dental surgery, Emily is a completely different dog…she has so much more energy and attention! She had 14 broken and infected or dead teeth, from the abuse and neglect she suffered during the 6 years before she found us. She didn’t take to agility, but makes a very nice therapy pet…just the right height for wheelchairs and they can pet her as long as they want.


This page is dedicated to Shadow Boots, Casey Boo, and Everest – who all lived long eventful lives with us.
We will love you always, and honor your memory by sharing our home with others who need it.


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