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December 7th, 2007 . by maria

I’m so glad I went out at lunchtime.

I called and checked in with my husband. He said “You know it’s snowing really bad right now. It’ll probably be slippery.” But, I had to go down to the thrift store to see if I could pick up some (undisclosed supplies) so I can work on the (undisclosed gifts) I am hoping to finish up this weekend. Besides, it was all main roads with 25mph speed limits between here and there, so I knew I’d be Ok – and I was fine. I found the things which I think will work, plus a few other things. But here’s why I’m glad I ventured out over my lunch hour:

* A snowflake landed on my eyelash before I could get into the car.

* Big fluffy flakes that make everything seem silent and peaceful.

* Stopping at a stop light, I looked at a big brick building and saw the white fluffy flakes silhoutted against the brick. Why do they seem random, yet patterned, at the same time? And they were so big and slow that you could watch an individual flake go from the top of the building to the ground.

* Driving along, the big flakes coming towards my windshield seemed like perfect miniatures of the paper ones we made as children.

* At the next light, I focused my eyes on my windshield, and was treated to hundreds of little crystal asterisks appearing and then melting.

I know why people complain about the cold and ice and such. But I’m SO glad I was able to appreciate the beauty of today’s snow.

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