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the family that plays together (or ‘how yoville improved our marriage’)

April 15th, 2009 . by maria

OK, this is gonna sound crazy, but Yoville has improved our marriage. (Yoville is a Facebook app.) First, I have to say we are blessed with a good marriage as it is, and I have a great hubby. But we had a lot of fun this weekend creating our yoville avatars, playing games, decorating our Yoville apartments, and blowing each other kisses. But it wasn’t just the fun we had together. My hubby signed into it the other day, and when I got home, he said the cutest thing: “Your avatar is so cute – she looks just like you. When I see it in Yoville I say ‘there’s my sweetie!’ ” So, here’s my hubby thinking how cute I am when I am not even home…and here’s me with a sweet memory of how my hubby is thinking how cute I am when I am not even home. How awesome is that?

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