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SNTT: Button Tools: Add a bunch of icons at once

April 13th, 2007 . by maria

If a user is given access to a new application, you send him a link or tell him to do a File>Database>Open, right? Well, what if that Notes application actually involves several databases? Why make the user go through several clicks? Instead, create a button that will do it all for them. Here’s an example:

REM “Go to workspace”;
@PostedCommand([AddDatabase]; “Sales/org” : “sales\\saleinfo.nsf” );
@PostedCommand([AddDatabase]; “Sales/org” : “sales\\contactinfo.nsf” );
@PostedCommand([AddDatabase]; “Sales/org” : “sales\\discinfo.nsf” );
@PostedCommand([AddDatabase]; “Sales/org” : “sales\\laneinfo.nsf” );
@PostedCommand([AddDatabase]; “Sales/org” : “sales\\leadinfo.nsf” );
@PostedCommand([AddDatabase]; “Sales/org” : “sales\\ASF.nsf” );
@PostedCommand([AddDatabase]; “Sales/org” : “sales\\mailinfo.nsf” );
@PostedCommand([AddDatabase]; “Sales/org” : “sales\\revinfo.nsf” );
@PostedCommand([AddDatabase]; “Sales/org” : “sales\\shipinfo.nsf” );
@PostedCommand([AddDatabase]; “Sales/org” : “sales\\shiprep.nsf” );
@PostedCommand([AddDatabase]; “Sales/org” : “sales\\WebDemo.nsf” );
@PostedCommand([AddDatabase]; “Sales/org” : “salespres.nsf” );
@PostedCommand([AddDatabase]; “Sales/org” : “sales\\geninfo.nsf” );

Add on a prompt to tell them it’s complete, and you’re all set!

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