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SNTT: Easier Mail Statistics Reporting

December 20th, 2007 . by maria

If you’ve been a Domino Admin long, you’ve probably played around with the reports.nsf to get custom email reports such as “Top 25 Senders”. You probably noticed you have two choices: wait for the scheduled report, or tie up your client waiting for the report to run immediately. You may have even gotten so frustrated with waiting that you wrote this database off completely. Well, I have discovered something that SHOULD have been completely obvious. But since I, a relatively smart person, never thought of this before…then perhaps you, doubtless smarter than I am, may not have thought of it either. Here goes:

You can run the scheduled agents whenever you want using the server console. Just set up the scheduled custom report(s), enable, then issue one or more of the following commands:
tell amgr run “reports.nsf” ‘aaMonthlyReportAgent’
tell amgr run “reports.nsf” ‘aaWeeklyReportAgent’
tell amgr run “reports.nsf” ‘aaDailyReportAgent’

With the ability to kick these off immediately, you can quickly see if the report meets your needs without tying up your client in the process.

If your end-of-the year processes are anything like mine, this just might make your New Year happier!

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