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Is this the thing I’m supposed to be doing?

July 10th, 2007 . by maria

Another blog I read regularly writes:

I’m surely not the only person that gets up goes to a good, worthwhile job wondering – “Is this the thing I’m supposed to be doing? Is this the art I was meant to create? Is this as close as I can come to really meeting real needs of the family with whom I share this planet?”

You are not the only one. When I follow the history of how I got where I am right now, it is obvious that God’s hand was in everything. Yet, I cannot see how God is using me right now. But, when I try to make a move in any diretion, I am blocked. I know God wants me where I am right now, because he won’t let me go anywhere else. I just have to trust that He can use me here (He can do anything). God’s work is not always as obvious as a formal ministry project. Sometimes, it’s just dropping seeds in the ground around you.

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