Called to Support

August 27, 2021 maria 0

if you aren’t yet sure what God has called you to do, you might be an Aaron or a Hur

Worship Wednesday Guest Devotional

August 25, 2021 maria 0

That means that when you step in front of your church on a Sunday morning you haven’t “started leading worship.” You’re just “continuing the worship you’ve been leading all week.” And that understanding changes – not just what you do when you’re at church – but your entire life.

Fill Your Cup

August 24, 2021 maria 0

You can’t just receive what someone else serves up as if it was a fully formed loaf placed in a basket on your table.

What Do You Worship?

August 23, 2021 maria 0

I want to be clear before we start that I am not talking about IDOL worship here. An idol being something we set up as […]

Prayers for …

August 20, 2021 maria 0

Today on my Twitch stream, we’re going to take a break from our usual devotions and pray for some things going on around the globe. […]