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How Blessed We Are

December 25th, 2006 . by maria

This is something I wrote for my boys on Christmas 2004…

“A Devotional to Remind Us How Blessed We Are”

This Christmas…

In Africa, a little boy is starving. But today, we have plenty of food.
In Iraq, a little boy is told that to get to heaven he must fight a war. But today, we celebrate a savior.
In South America, a little girl sits ona dirt floor. But we have a beautiful home.
In OUR COUNTRY, a man will spend today alone. But you have a family.
In OUR STATE, a little boy is in the hospital dying of cancer. You are healthy.
In OUR COUNTY, a little girl has a disease that keeps her from moving her arms to play. But you can play.
In OUR TOWN, a family of nine kids lost their father last week.But you have a wonderful father.
On OUR STREET, a firl lives with her father and visits her mother. But you have both parents.
How blessed we are.